John Intrabartolo

Horton Plaza. ​I can't think of a better way to close out the event than to have my lovely granddaughter, Sophia play with me!

Liberty Station

Balboa Park

In the courtyard of

The Old Globe Theater

Coronado Island

I had to take the Ferry Boat

to get to this ​little spinet 

Downtown Library

The Courtyard. There were a lot of people around but they were watching the NFL playoffs on outdoor TV's

Escondido Center for the Arts. No people around but there was a bunch of crows flying around in the trees.

San Diego Celebrates "Pianos in Public Spaces"

10 Brightly Painted Pianos spread out across town in public spaces

that anybody can play anytime!

S D Museum of Contempory Art

​Playing in the middle of a downtown sidewalk.

Symphony Towers. After playing this piano in the Lobby, I went in to see the show! They were playing Beethoven!

  • The 420 Boogie4:40

I gotta play 'em all !

The Headquarters

Historic SD Police station now serves as an extension to Seaport Village.

​They still have the original jail cells and mug shot wall.

This is my partner in crime, Joe, aka MoJoe. He plays piano too!